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early diagnosis and treatment may prevent surgery chronic pain and permanent disabilities

Physical Therapy
Track AthletesNeuromuscular Re-Education
Human movements are learned and encoded in early childhood. Once encoded, they are stored in memory, become routine and are carried out without conscious attention. Learning is based on many inter-related reflexes, that lead to execution of complex tasks. Stress, or injuries may damage the complex reflex mechanism of previously learned processes stored in the memory. Components of the memory may become compromised, "deleted" and lost. Thus, execution of movements may become flawed resulting in abnormal physiological patterns and functional impairment. Neuromuscular re-education helps to relearn lost movement tasks. It utilizes positive reinforcement, improves coordination and helps regaining lost movements.

Endurance, Conditioning or Cardiovascular Exercises
Consist of light, repetitive movements. The main training effect is improved stamina and vigor, i.e. the ability of an individual to endure or maintain a physical activity for an extended period of time without fatigue and rest. This training effect is imparted both to skeletal and heart muscles. Training improves muscle metabolism, enabling muscles to store sufficient amount of immediately available energy source, and utilize it more efficiently. In addition to the main training effect of improved stamina, other physical benefits are improved circulation, more efficient heart function, increased base metabolism and fat burning, weight loss, lower blood cholesterol, improved glucose tolerance and metabolism.

Strengthening, Weight Lifting or Anti-Gravity Exercises
Strengthening exercises improve the ability of a specific muscle, or muscle group to exert more power or lift weight. The visible sign of muscle strengthening is muscle hypertrophy, that is an increase in the size or bulk of the muscle. In contrast to conditioning exercises, strengthening results in fast fatiguing of muscles. In addition these type of exercises will strengthen weight bearing structural elements of the body, such as tendons, ligaments and bones. Finally, strengthening increases calcium absorption and deposition in the bones thus preventing and improving osteoporosis.

Massage and Manual Treatment
Medical massage may relieve stress, tension and spasm in the skeletal muscles, including back or neck pain and headaches. It can be utilized in sports injuries and inflammations like tendonitis or bursitis. Massage improves blood circulation and lymph flow in soft tissues. It improves general patient comfort and sense of well being and positively affects the psychological perception of distorted body image.

Massage applies systematic, complex patterns of physical pressure, through touch of the soft tissues of the body including the skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia (the membrane that envelops the muscles) and joints. The main effect of manual treatment is general improvement of movement, including improved range of joint motion, improved flexibility and muscle relaxation with relief of stiffness.

For more information or for an evaluation please call New York Midtown Orthopedics at 212-758-4688.

Remember: timely diagnosis and treatment may prevent chronic pain, surgery and permanent disability.

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