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early diagnosis and treatment may prevent surgery chronic pain and permanent disabilities

Physical Therapy
GymUltrasound is commonly used in rehabilitation of soft tissue disabilities and dysfunction, to relieve pain and skeletal muscle spasm, improve scar tissue and tendon or ligament shortening or shrinking and joint contracture. Ultrasound reduces chronic inflammation. It increases blood flow and tissue metabolism. It promotes tissue repair and regeneration. It produces pain relief, therefore it can be used in the treatment of acute and chronic pain, joint contractures, inflammation and scars, due to tendon, ligament and muscle injuries and nerve irritation due to nerve compression. Ultrasound may dissolve calcium and reverse soft tissue calcification. It is useful in the treatment of tendonitis, bursitis and arthritis. It may also improve and speed up callus formation and result in increased joint range of motion.

Electrical Stimulation
Electrical stimulation causes pain relief through alteration of pain threshold. It is used to relax and strengthen muscle and to prevent muscle atrophy. It promotes tissue healing, regeneration and muscle reeducation . Electrical stimulation stimulates both nerve and muscle tissues alike.

Superficial Heat / Cold
Superficial heat and cold relieves spasm of smooth and skeletal muscle. It reduces pain in sub acute and chronic inflammation. It increases blood flow, causes sedation, and promotes general well being. In addition, it increases the effectiveness of ultrasound and electrical stimulation.

Cervical And Lumbar Traction
Skeletal traction relieves pressure and tension on the interspinal structures, including spinal nerves caused by degenerative spine or disc disease including disc herniation. It helps in the reduction of muscle spasm caused by nerve irritation. Traction can relieve instantly the nerve root compression or impingement of the spinal nerves.

For more information or for an evaluation please call New York Midtown Orthopedics at 212-758-4688.

Remember: timely diagnosis and treatment may prevent chronic pain, surgery and permanent disability.

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