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early diagnosis and treatment may prevent surgery chronic pain and permanent disabilities

Physical Therapy

Roller Blading in Central Park Physical therapy is a treatment method for musculoskeletal injuries and disabilities. It consists of modalities and procedures. Injuries cause structural damage to the body, resulting in tissue breakdown and dysfunction. The body's response to injury is inflammation, followed by tissue repair, regeneration and scar tissue formation. Physical therapy promotes tissue healing and helps to restore pain free function and movement. The most important principles of physical therapy are positive reinforcement and neuromuscular re-education. Re-education is based on re-learning damaged function. Learning is based on practice and repetition.

To be effective, physical therapy must be repeated at regular intervals, appropriate frequency and for sufficient length of time for tissue healing, restoration of damaged function and regeneration.  

Practice of specific movements and repetition of therapy under unique circumstances, relative to a task to be re-learned may result in positive change, causing tissue healing and functional improvement, utilizing positive reinforcement. For ideal results therapy should be given at least every other day three times per week for a minimum of 4-6 weeks, depending on the condition treated. Early physical rehabilitation is critical to prevent the development of chronic conditions.

When physical injuries or conditions are left untreated, or if treatment is delayed, chronic pain, permanent functional loss, physical deformities and permanent disabilities may develop.

Physical therapy consists of physical therapy procedures and modalities.

  PT Modalities
Electrical Stimulation
Superficial Heat / Cold
Cervical And Lumbar Traction
  PT Procedures
Neuromuscular Re-Education
Endurance, Conditioning or Cardiovascular Exercises
Strengthening, Weight Lifting or Anti-Gravity Exercises
Massage and manual treatment

For more information or for an evaluation please call New York Midtown Orthopedics at 212-758-4688.

Remember: timely diagnosis and treatment may prevent chronic pain, surgery and permanent disability.

PT Modalities

PT Procedures

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